Are you winging it?


My wife and I are expecting our third child in the next three weeks and for obvious reasons I've been thinking about what is going to change in our lives. What will I need/get to do differently? What routines will change, what new traditions will we start?


I'm reminded of a time I was sitting in a room full of men at my church taking a class on how to be a Godly father. I've mentioned this to you once before, but that same experience brings new meaning to me more and more as time goes by.


The speaker asked us to raise our hands if we had a business plan at work. Nearly the entire room raised our hands.


He asked if we had a plan for our fitness. About half the room raised their hands.


He asked if we had a plan for our parenting. Very few men raised their hands.


He was stressing the point very effectively that we had our priorities out of whack and that our focus was in the wrong place. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a business or fitness plan, but those shouldn't come before our deliberate efforts to lead our families and our homes.


Now, regardless of whether or not you have a family to lead, my thought for today is this:


1. We need to have a plan in the most important areas of our life.


2. We need to revisit and adjust that plan often. We never have to compromise our values and our initial intention, but the "how to" changes over time.


I did begin to plan how I wanted to lead and train my son in that class. Then came my daughter and things changed a little. Now comes daughter two and things will change again. I couldn't be happier about our family and how we are growing, but I am trying to lead wisely and to pause now before things really get crazy and to be intentional about what we value as a family, what we stand for and what we are flexible with.


What area of your life, maybe not kids, do you need a plan or need to adjust a plan?


How can I help?


Have a fantastic week,




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