I've been posting pictures of the massive remodel my family and I are doing on our new house. We just moved in this weekend and there are still a handful of items to be completed inside and quite a bit outside. I'll post some after pics to the link below soon. 

Todd's Dining Room


It has occurred to me though that you may NOT CARE. 

So, in an effort to just check in with you and make sure that I am taking care of you well, I'm asking you now; What do you care about? How can I help you?


I have all kinds of information about our local housing market and real estate investment opportunities available to me as a licensed real estate broker and as a leader in our industry. Would you be interested in anything specifically valuable to you?


Secret off market homes for sale?

Ways to increase your home's value?

Ways to speed up the buying / selling process?

Ways to reduce your property taxes?

Help investing in rental property, houses, duplexes, apartments?

Help "flipping" houses?

Vendor recommendations for repairs, updates, or remodels?

The name of a great real estate broker / marketer in any market in the USA?

or about 1,000 other things...


Please let me know how I can help. That is exactly what my team and I are here to do.


Have a great week,



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