With Dallas real estate being such a broad topic, how would a Dallas area home buyer find information about buying a home?  The same question, of course, applies to a Dallas area home seller finding information about selling a home.  


I'm biased but if you are reading this, I'm confident you have found the most informative Dallas real estate blog / source there is.  We strive to back that up, so feel free to call us right now for anything you needed even remotely real estate related at 214.216.2161.

A great real estate website like www.DallasHomeRealty.com can open up many doors if you are thinking of buying or selling a house.

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The question does bring up an interesting challenge to Dallas area home buyers and sellers as well as Dallas Realtors.  The challenge is how to define your desired area or your area of expertise.  I like to use the airport test to prove my point.  If you grew up around Dallas, TX,  but not in an actual city of Dallas neighborhood, and you are asked where you are from by someone in the airport in Denver, you'll probably answer by saying Dallas.  This is true in that you grew up around Dallas and that this person most likely knows where Dallas is.  This is not true if you actually grew up in Richardson, Plano or Carrollton.  If you were asked the same question at your local grocery store, you'd be more likely to say that you were from Allen, Lake Highlands or Irving because that person would know the difference.


While all of this might read as a rambling mess, this is very important when searching for homes for sale online in the Dallas real estate market.  So, if you are looking for a house in Firewheel, which is actually in Garland, you have the choice to drive around town all day or to use an innovative online site like this one.  When using a site like ours, you can search for Dallas homes for sale, or for Garland homes for sale, or even for Firewheel homes for sale.  Which will it be?


I suggest that you get as specific as you can and then work backwards.  I'd start by searching for Firewheel homes for sale.  I might even search Firewheel Estates homes for sale if I knew that I was interested in that specific neighborhood.  You'll find that most neighborhoods are a little too narrow to have websites dedicated to homes for sale there.  We will be announcing very soon that we are adding neighborhood pages for many of the most sought after neighborhoods in the North Dallas real estate market.  (I guess I just kinda announced it.  Sorry Kenny!)  


Happy house hunting,

Todd Tramonte

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team