house on money

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Usually, real estate agents are able to get their home-selling clients as much as 17% more for their homes than if the seller sold For Sale By Owner (FSBO). There are a few critical mistakes a FSBO can make.??

  • Emotional Pricing - One of the most critical mistakes often made is that the home is priced out of alignment with the market value.
  • Improper Staging - What appeals to the owner may not appeal to all buyers.
  • Old Fashioned Marketing - Without a strong background in real estate and marketing, your home may be lost in the shuffle and never be seen.
  • Improper Paperwork - One of the most frustrating, and costly, mistakes made is the lack of experience in managing the paperwork.?

Since a real estate professional has experience with hundreds or thousands of transactions leaving such a large investment to the professionals is often in a homeowner's best interest.

Todd Tramonte