The older I get, the more I realize how often I contradict myself.

I love to think long term, but I value a "do it now" mentality.
I value getting to the dang point of a conversation, but I love to have long conversations about all sorts of topics.
I despise laziness in the big things, but I can't stand busyness for the sake of busyness in the little things.
And on and on and on...

Even as I type my thoughts to share with you, I'm not even positive these seemingly opposing thoughts are contradictory.  I know one thing for sure.  Things change.  They do.  People change too.  Even though it is popular to say that people don't.  The pace of change seems to increase daily.

This thought has been lingering in my mind as I change my long term garden plan this year.  I actually removed half of my large annual garden this year while quadrupling the number of perennial plants and trees as well as the space I have allocated to them.  This would seem to be in direct contradiction to my desire to grow more food and to learn more about the patience required to watch and learn from nature.  It is a great reminder that I'm not in control.  Do you ever need that reminder?

The change in my landscape is happening because of a change in my life stage.  As my children get older, as my wife and I serve young married couples more, and as our real estate team expands, there are fewer hours available that I'd like to allocate to weeding, watering, and moving soil.  Granted, I still enjoy those things, but I'm learning to place a priority on the things I love, the things I feel called to do, and the things I've given my word I would do.

Things don't stop changing, but the ever present reminder that I must change with them is good.  It is not bad.  It is an opportunity to grow as a husband, a father, a friend, and as a leader.

Your friend in real estate,
Todd Tramonte

P.S. The real estate market is constantly changing too.  Two powerful conversations this week with very smart and very experienced seller/buyer clients proved this to be true.  Markets are constantly changing, norms of who pays for what and how long things take are ever ebbing and flowing.  When you, your friends, neighbors, and family need expert advice (more like a CPA or Attorney than a part time Real-Uh-Tor) then give our team a call at 214.216.2161.  We are your eyes and ears to that change and we'll lead you through the adventures of home ownership.  It will be FUN.  I promise!

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