I want some.  I own some, but it is not on my house.  It is on pallets in my driveway. 



I want none for two more weeks.  I want some, but not until my house is finished.  I

know we are in a drought, I want lakes and water supply replenished, but I really want

brick on my house. 



You'll have to bare with me while we get very close to completion.  I'll give you a huge 

update soon of what we have done.  


There is really great news.  We have the exact brick we need, which was very hard to 

find, and it should be put up today/tomorrow since we finally have great weather for a

little old fashioned brick laying.  I never thought I would be so excited about brick, but

I'll tell you that driving up to a home without it and putting your child to sleep in a room

without it just doesn't seem ideal.  We are all weather proofed etc. but a good solid layer

of exterior protection will be nice.  Then we can paint and wrap this puppy up.


Stay tuned!