I'll get right to the point.

Todd's Radio Show
I've been offered a tremendous opportunity to host a radio show on the biggest talk radio station in DFW and I have accepted!  As a friend, client, or at a minimum a person who requested information on our website, I'd like to thank you for your support in the past and invite you to be at least a small part of this new opportunity.  
The show will open up new opportunities for my team and me to provide world class value to you, our friends, when it comes to selling, buying, investing in or just enjoying your home.  We'll cover those topics and more.  It will be a fun and interactive show that anyone who has or wants a home should enjoy and benfit from.
If you are not typically a talk radio listener or you are exactly that, but not much of a talk radio caller, I'd love to get some suggestions from you on topics you'd enjoy hearing me cover on the show.  If another expert is needed, we'll get them on the air with us.  We'll also record each show for our podcast which will be accessible for everyone to listen to at any time they like.
The show, Texas Real Estate w/ Todd Tramonte will be live on 820 AM WBAP on Saturdays starting 7/15 from 6-7pm.  
What topics would you like to hear covered?
What experts would you like to hear from?
What drives you crazy about real estate agents?
What great / terrible experiences have you had with a home?
What fears do you have about your investment?
What do you anticipate in the market future?
What issues impact your real estate decisions?
What is your favorite feature of your home?
What aspect of owning a home brings you the most joy?
Share whatever comes to mind.  I'll use this information to begin to build a format, style and model for the show.  
I'd be incredibly greatful for any feedback and for any sharing of the information about the show.  You can visit our facebook page at and share the short intro video of our show logo etc. or just invite some friends to listen and call in.
Thanks again for your support and I hope this show will be just one more way that we can add value to your life.
This is going to be fun!
Todd Tramonte


P.S. We'll still be doing our Facebook live Q&A sessions too.  Sometimes, we'll use those as additional podcast episodes and for extra radio bonus content.  We'll probably give away some copies of my book etc. too.  Join in the fun and go like our Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team Facebook page as well as the radio show page linked above.  Good things to come.