As more and more families in the Dallas area return to the ranks of the optimistic and begin to search for homes, the previously tried and true standards for local home ownership will change for the first time in generations. 

This change in mentality for home owners will be most significant with young families.  Where bigger was always better, now value and the quality of the investment are the stronger considerations.  While Dallas area home buyers used to focus on the appearance of the situation, the wise will now focus on the security of the situation. 

Seeing family, friends and neighbors forced to sell homes at a loss or even lose homes to foreclosure has scarred a generation of younger professionals.  Much like the post depression generation, we will see more conservative budgets and less ego in the home buying process.  These are positive adjustments in a market that could benefit greatly from them. 

Due to these adjustments, markets that may have been viewed as less trendy and more traditional are becoming very very popular.  One of the most attractive communities to fit this mold is Richardson, TX.  As the very first city north of Dallas, Richardson offers very attractive homes at affordable prices just fifteen minutes from downtown Dallas.  With homes from $125,000 to $1million, there is a comfortable and safe neighborhood for just about anyone.  Most of all, young families are flocking to nicer homes in highly desirable neighborhoods with mature trees, exemplary RISD schools and wonderful community feels.  Neighborhoods like The Reservation, Waterview Estates, Canyon Creek and Richardson Heights are experiencing incredible demand for homes and offer incredible Richardson Homes For Sale

With multiple DART stations, an incredibly impressive network of parks and trails as well as multiple neighborhood recreation and aquatic centers, Richardson is a wise choice for smart young home buyers.  For those interested in restaurants and new retail developments, the city has made great strides in recent years adding the Brick Row and East Side mixed use developments as well as approving zoning changes to bring in huge new retail, restaurant and entertainment centers at the few remaining intersections and on the few remaining parcels of open land.

If you are ready to make a wise real estate choice in the Dallas area, come see Richardson, TX!


Todd Tramonte

The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team