Allen has been a powerful suburb on the Dallas side of the Metroplex for a long time, but it's really grown up in the last 10 years or so. There are about a 100,000 people in Allen right now. It's an area that covers about 25 square miles, and the 75 Central Expressway splits it just about in half. Then it stops hard at 121 to the north and northwest right before we start getting up into McKinney and Frisco on the east side.


The heart of Allen has become an attractive retail and shopping area with lots of restaurants and some exciting entertainment areas. You've got bowling alleys, live music, and great food. You’ve got a pretty clear center of Allen when it comes to shopping and retail near the Allen Premium Outlets.

In Allen, you will find some areas where new starter homes are relatively affordable in the high 200s and low 300s. Then you have some more established neighborhoods with larger homes, larger lots where homes get well up into the million-dollar range. The east side of Allen features some larger acreage property type communities as you get closer to more rural areas of the Metroplex.  The west side starts running right into Plano. Then to the north, we get into McKinney and Frisco.

Allen is really well-known on a national level for having a great high school football program. That's been the case for a while, and I would anticipate will be the case for a while. The city has been in the news for their football stadium when it was built. It was one of the most expensive football stadiums ever built for a high school, and then there ended up being some structural problems. Those have since been repaired. The stadium is in full use,  and the team continues to compete deep into the state playoffs. The schools are highly respected as well.

Residents enjoy a reasonable 30-to-45-minute commute from Allen into Downtown Dallas. The rest of the Metroplex to the west and south is accessible by 121.

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