I was in the car a few days ago and had a really great thought cross my mind that I just knew would be phenomenal to share with you in a short email. Aaaaaaaand, I forgot it. I'm sure it was my strict adherence to traffic safety laws that caused the hesitation in recording the thought.

I did however want to send you a valuable thought or tip, so there may never have been a better time to remind you or suggest to you to use what I call a master-to-do list. Take 20 minutes today to get in a distraction free place and hand write out all, yes all, of the things bouncing around in your head that you need to get done.

I'm talking ALL of them. Work, home, church, social or family related. All of it. Include major budget to do items as well as simple things like an oil change in the car or changing a light bulb on the porch light. Get all of it out onto paper. Free up the cluttered mental space that is now occupied by trying to remember everything in your life.

I'm confident that you are a good person, well intentioned to do great things for your family, friends, company, community and self. But, I'd bet a significant sum that, if you are honest, you'd say you aren't doing as much as you want. Try this. Get to a quite and private place and make the big list. Don't filter it, just list anything that you want to do. Short term or long term, big or small, write it all down.

Then you can prioritize it with whatever system you like and start to knock some of this stuff out in order of importance.

Now, maybe I wouldn't have forgotten my great point if I had cleared a little more mental space this week. I'm off to do that now. 

Have a great week,


Todd Tramonte  

P.S. Click here for a simple word doc that I created for our amazing real estate team to go through this exercise in detail and to be world class achievers. Feel free to share it with others and to let them know that we would love to help them sell, buy and invest in homes.

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