So, you've heard our radio advertisements, seen a billboard or heard, seen or read me being interviewed about this bold "7 day sale guarantee" that we make.  You may be thinking, "No stinking way," or maybe your thought is, "sure, in a hot market maybe you can sell houses fast in Dallas, Plano, Richardson and cities like that, but is that realistic in the outer lying cities where homes tend to be a little more spread out and often on a little more land?


Yes it is.  Our marketing approach is highly developed and custom built for each home, each home owner and each home owner's situation.  We do have proven principles that we use to deliver on our promise and we are very honesty with sellers that we need to put in the appropriate effort and strategy to achieve these amazing results.  Below is a sneak peak at how we sell homes in seven days and on average at 7.6% above the market average sales price, even in Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, Parker, St. Paul, Lavon and other outer lying areas.