10 months after purchasing a small 2 bedroom 2 bathroom ranch home in need of some love and a lot of work, we have crossed the line to what we would reasonably call the "after" stage of the remodel/addition.  I'm not sure if you ever feel completely finished with your home but we have completed most of the major projects.  We still have a front porch to completely redo, fences to put up, a fire-pit to cover in stone, garden paths and kids' play area to clean up and a dozen or so fun projects like installing the horse shoe, washers and bocce ball pits plus the frisbee golf course (I can't wait) which will move us closer to the backyard glory we first envisioned when we bought the place almost a year ago.

BUT, I did promise after photos and it HAS been almost a year, so with no further delay...

The old front view:

old front of house view


The new front view with patio and fencing to be done soon:

front center after remodel


front center close


The old/process view of the side of the house as the addition went up:

addition going up


Angled front view where you can see the addition from the side somewhat:

front right


The garage before paint, new doors, new roof and siding work.  New driveway too:

old garage


Cleaned up garage:

garage front


Back view before the addition and patio.  Old small patio had been ripped out here.

old patio area


New concrete patio that the kids like to run/ride laps around.

patio with leaves


The old converted garage with crooked walls, ceiling and super low floors: 

old utility room


The new master bathroom:

master bathroom


The old converted garage again:

old converted garage - master area


The new master bedroom:

master bedroom


The old pink hall bathroom:

pink bathroom


The new hall bathroom.  I left the pink tile behind one of the cabinets for the heck

of it:

hall bathroom


The mudroom heading out to the game room and a peak into Dana's craft room

in the new addition: 

mud room


The view of the backyard from the left fence line about midway back:

backyard left


The view towards the house from the left fence line of the backyard about mid

way back:

backyard looking in


The view of the "backyard," garden and kids play area from the back door:

view from back door


The back wall of the game room in the addition:

game room back wall


The view of the game room from the back door in the addition:

game room window wall


The opposite view of the game room in the addition:

game room from mud room


The old living room:

old living area


The new living room and dining area:

sitting and dining


The old formal living and dining room:

old formal living and dining


The new kitchen:

kitchen 2


The old kitchen:

old kitchen


The other side of the new kitchen:

kitchen 1


The old living area:

old living 2


The new kitchen and breakfast bar area:

kitchen from hallway


My daughter's flower garden:

flower garden


Pumpkins too patiently awaiting fall:

pumpkin patch


When you pour four to five months of daily (and often all night) obsession into a remodel or rebuild of your personal home, you tend to want to get everything perfect. That never happens, but I must say that we are absurdly happy with our new home and we are so thankful for the joy it does and will bring our family. We really love it. Not every item is shown in the pictures above and Dana would say that you can't see the colors exactly as they are in person, but I hope you enjoy seeing the total and I mean TOTAL transformation of our home. We have wildly increased the value of the home in the event we wanted or needed to sell, but we hope to be here for a long time.

I shared this process with you, our friends, family and neighbors, in order to open up the idea of truly having your dream home to more people. I've been selling houses for a decade and a half now and too often see people purchase a home based on what they assume they are supposed to do. I encourage you to chase your dream of providing a wonderful environment for your family. If you always dreamed of a "sports room" in your house, we can get you that. If you always wanted a craft room, a butler's pantry, a home gym, a two story library, a green house (don't you judge me) or a putting green, these things can often be done relatively affordably with the right plan. We help folks put plans like this into action and to bring their dreams into reality every single day and I get to work with a team of true professionals that absolutely love to do this.

Let us know if we can help you find and or create your true dream home soon.

Have a wonderful fall,

Todd Tramonte



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