You've heard the phrase "one step forward, two steps backward." It's a loser's mantra. Negative, pessimistic, downer thinking is bad news for everyone involved. But, if you flip it around I've learned that works. Taking one step back to go two or ten steps forward is simply wise.
This time of year as the "polar air, arctic blast" and even "snowmageddon" approach, many of us start looking to next year. We set goals, hope for new achievements and dream big. Others of us spend too much time looking back. We focus on missed goals, lost opportunities and dreams dashed by the harsh realities of the world. I've done both and found that blind optimism on only future focused thinking is just as bad as rigid pessimism and constant scrutiny over the past.
Here is what works for me:
One quick summary look back at what we have achieved and will achieve before the end of the closing calendar year. Take stock in all of the successes and QUICKLY note areas to improve.
Two long slow looks at what is possible going forward. What did I learn from the look back? What achievements can we celebrate and build on? What great projects are still great, but need to be finished? Where did we miss the mark, but give it our all trying and what can we learn from those? Where did we blow it and what can we do to make sure those don't repeat themselves? I say two slow looks because these questions take time to answer and different perspectives can come at different times. Do this in two separate sittings, ideally with a few days in between.
Will you share your list of this year's achievements with me or at least one of them if/when you get your list done? I'd love to see it and celebrate those with you.
Have an amazing week,
Todd Tramonte
P.S. Our greatest achievement this year was adding five amazing new team members! Jeff, Elise, John, Sara and Timothy are all World Class and we couldn't be more proud of the crew we have! Who do you know from work, your neighborhood or maybe church that would be a fit on our fun team of experts?


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