Todd Tramonte - Owner/Broker


Todd Tramonte is well known as an innovator and leader in the areas of real estate marketing and sales.  His passion for education and commitment to excellence are trademarks of his leadership of both his company and his clients.  Todd is the host of Texas Real Estate w/ Todd Tramonte, a live radio show on DFW's #1 talk station 820AM WBAP.  He is also the author of two #1 Best Selling books: The New Rise in Real Estate and The 5 Lies That Will Ruin Your Real Estate Career and The Truth That Can Make You Wealthy, as well as Live Free, The Art of The 2 Year Flip which is currently in its third printing (2nd Edition). All three books are available on 

Todd and his company have been seen on HGTV, Discovery, Travel Channel and WFAA Channel 8 news as well as in the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Examiner, People News and USA Today in addition to countless online news sources, FM and AM radio shows, podcasts in multiple industries and on many blogs.  Todd is the Real Estate Expert for the Texas Home Improvement radio show which airs across Texas on numerous stations in numerous markets.

Todd is a frequent speaker at business, marketing, sales, and real estate events and on industry podcasts around the world.

Todd began his real estate career while in college at Baylor University as an investor specializing in wholesale transactions and quick remodel flips.  After years of owning a major national real estate franchise office, Todd began to build the real estate office of the future.  His current team at Market Experts Realty is focused on the client experience and providing the most valuable service possible based on expertise, character-driven representation and a passion for relationships.

The business model is more like that of a world-class surgeon than a typical real estate agent.  A highly detailed marketing plan, full-time agents, and a proprietary system that other agents from all over the world have hired Todd to teach them are the calling cards of his obsession with delivering "world-class value."

Todd regularly says “real estate is not a one-size-fits-all business.” He continually stresses the importance of an expertise-driven client advisory service that respects the individual nature of each client’s needs.  

Todd is an energetic and entertaining speaker on the topics of real estate, small business development, and his Christian faith.

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