Todd Tramonte - Dallas Probate Real Estate Expert


Do you find yourself with a property that you did not anticipate being responsible for or at least not at this time? Are you finding the process to be quite time consuming and a major investment of your energy and focus? 

It is likely that all of this is happening along side of a period of grieving and loss.  

Market Experts Realty and The Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team are experienced in the marketing and sales of homes involved in the probate process.  They understand that this is not only about a home and a sale, but about the people involved as well.  With over fourteen years and countless pleased clients, their probate for real estate process is proven, dependable and ultimately a big relief.  

Many of the most respected and effective probate attorneys in Texas work directly with Todd Tramonte and his company to serve their probate clients' real estate needs at the highest levels of expertise and client care.


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If you are in need of a world class real estate provider who understands the demands of the probate process as an executor or as an attorney, contact Todd's office today at 214.216.2161 or for a complimentary initial consultation.


"All too often we meet with the executors of estates who are simply overwhelmed and emotionally spent.  They've been thrown in to a process of sorting, solving, securing and overseeing an extraordinary number of details, legal processes, relationships, accounts, assets and often liabilities that they simply were not prepared for.  It is a tremendously tiring and often emotionally draining experience that seems not to want to end" said Todd Tramonte, broker and owner of Market Experts Realty and the Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team.

"We step into the intensity of these situations and provide calm.  We speak from experience and share our proven process for getting homes sold, regardless of condition, with little to no effort required on the part of the executor and or family members.  Often, of course, there are items of value in the home that will be removed.  Equally as often, our clients are from out of state or even out of the country and we provide an invaluable service in which we manage every single detail of marketing, selling and transferring the home and if need be its contents to a new owner without the executor ever having to meet with us or visit the home if they so chose."


Tom and Cindy from Illinois experienced just that.

"We are just so incredibly grateful for Todd and his team and all they did for us.  It was overwhelming to think about getting my uncle's house cleaned out, repaired and sold not to mention the car sitting in the garage.  We had the privilege of meeting directly with Todd at the recommendation of our lawyer while in town for a probate hearing and were immediately relieved to know that such a service and such kind hearted people existed.  We never had to visit Dallas or the home again and simply received a check in the mail.  To be clear, they were excellent negotiators and we got an exceptional price for the home which was well beyond what we thought was possible for the home and in the condition it was in.  I chuckled a bit to learn that they were even able to sell the car in the garage for us and negotiate for the buyer to take the home as is with all the contents as well.  I sure hope to never need them again, but I wouldn't even consider using anyone else."


Marsha was also pleased.

"I'd been driving from Austin to Dallas once per week for months and months to try to settle all of my dad's accounts and finalize the probate process.  When my attorney suggested I reach out to Todd Tramonte and his team, I did just that.  That was the last trip I had to make.  They managed the process to perfection.  They got us the exact price we hoped for and handled every single detail including many of the contents of the home.  We were glad to learn that the buyer was a wonderful young person who would enjoy the home as we had for so many years. This was easily the most seamless part of this whole process and I'd encourage anyone in this situation to avail yourself of Todd and his team and their expertise and experience."


Charlotte and Robert from Missouri were very happy.

"When our lawyer gave us the name of a real estate agent and suggested that you guys were more than just realtors, we were skeptical but gave it a shot.  Boy, are we glad we did.  Your communication, expertise, care for us and understanding of our feelings of loss, exhaustion and frustration were a real gift to us throughout this time.  We are forever appreciative for your work on the sale of the house, but more so for who you and your team are as people."


David and Becky from Brady, TX had a similar experience.

"We were quite happy to find out that on top of the Dave Ramsey referral, Todd and his team were experienced with probate and estate situations.  My background in title work gave me enough information to see right from the get go that Todd's team knows exactly what they are doing.  Even though we had completed probate quite a bit in advance of selling the home, we still had to do some lat minute clean up and they were true pros.  Their suggestions were spot on and allowed us to maximize the value of the home as well as expedite the process.  I recommend them very highly."


Lynda in Dallas felt cared for and protected.

"It was hard for me to even go into that house because I missed my uncle so much.  Todd and his team really understood that.  Todd even had an appreciation for some of the old stuff in the house that even I didn't realize had value.  They really put the plan together and I just trusted them.  I'm so glad I did.  I was cared for, protected and guided through each step by the entire team.  They really are experts and really are wonderful.  Plus, the house sold really fast and for a great price."

Contact Todd's office today at 214.216.2161 or for a complimentary initial consultation.