Dana Tramonte - Director of Finance & Accounting


Dana and Todd have three kiddos, and there’s nothing better than chasing them around the house and yard! The kids keep her moving, and Dana loves teaching them how to bake or dolling them up in her handmade duds. Working with Todd means she gets more time with the hubby, and the two make a great team.

After a successful eight-year career as a CPA at large accounting firms, Dana knew it wasn’t where she wanted to stay. So, during the summer of 2013, she moved on over to real estate! At the office, Dana is the one keeping the books, managing payroll, tracking referrals and working with Todd to coach team members on wise financial stewardship. She loves that as a business owner, she can show the people she works with just how much she cares for and values their work (they make everything possible!). Dana and Todd have created a team here, and she loves showing the crew and clients how truly valued they are!