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Nov. 25, 2020

Where would I go if I left Texas?

As a lifelong Texan, where would I go if I ever decided to leave the great state of Texas? I love my state and would most likely never leave but this state may rival Texas for me.

Nov. 9, 2020

Why would you move to Dallas, TX vs Austin, TX?

How do you know if moving to Dallas, TX is right for you? What is like to live in Austin, TX? I lay out what makes Dallas, TX different from Austin, TX, and why someone moving to Texas would choose Dallas over Austin or vice versa.

Nov. 5, 2020

Why is RIGHT NOW Your Best Opportunity to Buy in Decades?

Interest rates are at record lows and the DFW Real Estate Market is doing really well. If you have the right agent that is a world-class professional you can buy an awesome home for a great price. Texas Real Estate with Todd Tramonte runs on Saturdays from 3PM-4PM on 820 AM WBAP. SUBMIT QUESTIONS AND FIND OUR RECOMMENDED PROS: https://www.TRERadio.com

Oct. 1, 2020

The home didn't sell so he RAISED the price?!? | Over Under Success Stories ft. Jeremy Payne

Aug. 10, 2020

When Moving to Texas or Should I Sell or Buy First? | TRE Excerpts

Should you sell first or buy first? A question I get a lot and one I answer from in state and out of state people.

Aug. 8, 2020

Will Back to School Effect the Real Estate Market in Texas? | TRE Excerpts

Aug. 6, 2020

Best Opportunity to Buy a House in DECADES because Money is on SALE | TRE Excerpts

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July 13, 2020

I admit I made a mistake: Texas. Has. Beaches.

July 7, 2020

The Magic Number of Homes to See Before You Make an Offer

June 30, 2020

How to Win the Home Buying Game