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Minor league baseball is full of talented players with plenty of tools. We saw some of them at our recent client appreciation event at a Frisco RoughRiders game. They can light up radar guns, hit towering home runs and make highlight-reel catches with the best of them. So why are so many of these guys stuck riding on buses through small town America as their dream of big league ball alludes them?

It comes down to execution. Baseball is a game of inches. There is minimal margin for error. Pitchers execute their pitches at a more consistent rate in the bigs. When they don’t, hitters make them pay on a much more consistent basis. At the Major League level, every little hole gets exploited. The ones who adjust to this transition are the ones that stick. They all know what needs to be done, but few execute at a high enough level to get consistent results.

Anyone can say what a prospect wants to hear. We live in an age where we have more information than we know what to do with. Lots of agents know what they can and probably should do for their clients. They can piece together a “system” to share in an initial consultation. Most won’t, but they could make something up if they wanted to. Anyone can present a plan, but can they execute it day-in and day-out? Do they execute at a big league level or are they going to float around in the minors until they hang it up? 

At this point you may be asking yourself a fair question. How does what I do during a transaction get me more business? Does my during unit really impact my before unit? The answer is yes.

The prospects you convert are buying your during unit. They are not buying a house. They are buying your services. Agents who get a listing a week don’t do it solely on the back of a winsome personality and a cute glamour shot. They do it with systems that put money in the pockets of their clients, which in turn puts money in their own.

We say over and over again that our problem is not a shortage of leads; it’s conversion. When agents can communicate a sound plan and systems for execution, they are going to convert at a higher level. The question is fair, but the answer is obvious.

At the end of our initial consultations, the last thing we talk about before we ask for their business is execution. By now our agents have heaped value on them for an hour or more. They have shared all the intricacies of our proprietary systems and how they will impact their sale or purchase. Then we ask a powerful question.

How are we going to get it all done? Execution.

We proceed to talk about the specialized roles of our team members. When our agents are at their best, they are naming names. They explain to the clients not only what each team member is doing but why each of those team members is an ideal fit to perform their specific tasks. We believe God made everyone with specific gifts, and that each team member functions at their highest level when their responsibilities line up with their gifts.

The agents will give the clients a look behind the curtain by discussing some of the systems and strategies we have in place to navigate the transaction. They explain key dates and lay out an ideal timeline for their clients before they leave the initial consultation. We are mapping out the route to the closing table.

Then we do it. We set out to hit every point along the way to ensure that our clients have a consistent and referrable experience. When we create that referrable experience, our clients become a reliable source of leads that are primed to convert at a higher rate than any other lead source. They have already been told by someone close to them that we are the best choice for the job. Those should be softballs to convert.

That’s how your during unit affects your before unit. That’s how you get a listing a week. When you execute, you create happy clients for life who introduce you to new happy clients for life.

Execution isn’t just a during unit issue. You should have systems in place that set the table for your initial consultations. These systems will establish what calls you will make, questions you will ask and content you will deliver prior to ever meeting the prospect. We have clear expectations for what our team members are doing and communicating prior to initial consultations, and each member is held accountable to execute.

If you’re interested in getting a listing (or more) a week, consistency in execution of your plan and systems will be crucial. Don’t waste your career riding buses in the minors.