With a brokerage name like Market Experts Realty, our team takes very seriously our promise to be your true market expert.  For this reason we don't serve every single market and every single potential client.  We specialize in the following areas:

Residential homes in the North East Metroplex including Richardson, Dallas and Plano and surrounding areas.

Homes that have failed to sell in the North East Metroplex including Richardson, Dallas and Plano and surrounding areas.  These homes have often been "on the market" with another Realtor before, but for a variety of reasons (usually one of three) failed to sell.

Houses on land.  We have a passion and a proven approach to helping folks sell and buy houses on 1-20 ish acres. These could be existing homes or simply land to build a house. We also assist at extensive levels in the remodel and redesign of older houses and properties on acreage. 

Probate / Estate Sales.  We regularly work with top notch probate and estate attorneys to assure that properties are sold or transferred quickly and with minimal time, energy and effort invested by family members, administrators or executors.  This is a tedious process that blends real estate expertise with process management and a true concern for people in a highly emotional environment.  Our gifted team members truly thrive in this area. 

Homes in need of repair, remodel, renovation etc.  We help buyers locate homes, identify value added repairs and avoid excessive sunk costs and lost opportunities.


We certainly have expertise in other areas (historic homes, Uptown, McKinney / Frisco) and our individual agents each have passions of their own, but the above referenced specialties are major focus areas for our team and huge value ads for our awesome clients.