Have you ever thought about getting your real estate license? 


I would strongly advise against it unless you plan to work full time in real estate. If however you or a friend or neighbor are thinking about a full time career in real estate I'd say it is a truly fantastic thing to do.


Now, most people who get their real estate license fail in the business within 12-24 months. Sorry, that was sort of a brutal transition if you were thinking about it. It is true though. Many people have been told by friends and family that since they have an outgoing personality and love homes, they would be "great at real estate" or "an awesome Realtor."


I won't tell you that being outgoing is bad for real estate, but I'll tell you it is only one part of an extremely multi-faceted professional role. I'm looking for three new real estate agents in our Richardson / Northeast Dallas office, one new agent in our Fort Worth office and up to 10 new agents to help us cover all of the opportunity in and around Houston. I'm open to other markets as well. Before I hire a new agent though, and we always look for new or less than 2 years experience, I need to know that a person is tenacious, competitive, kind, a committed problem solver, almost insatiably curious, loyal, fun, ambitious, eager to learn, willing to teach and has a track record of achieving and exceeding their personal goals.


I'm aware that the list is long, and I usually meet with someone three or more times before hiring them. But, if you, a friend, a family member or a neighbor called or emailed me about a future with our real estate team, I'd be giving you my word that I'd honestly assess the potential of working together. If I hired you or your friend, I'd be committing to do everything I possibly can to make you or your friend successful. I do not take those commitments lightly and I do not foolishly look past the known and often overlooked barriers to success in our industry.


I hadn't asked yet, but DO YOU have an interest in getting your real estate license and working full time with home sellers or home buyers? Can you picture in your mind right now a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member who wants to pursue that dream? We have a blast doing that very thing here and would love to talk to you or your friend.


Would you reply to this email if you or a friend are interested?


Have an incredible week,


Todd Tramonte


P.S. Thanks to all of our amazing clients, friends and referral partners who we celebrated and thanked at the ballgame Saturday night. We had a blast hanging out with all 90 of you!

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