I walked in the door from a week long trip to San Diego and Phoenix at 2:30AM Friday morning.  After donuts with dad at my daughter's school five hours later, a visit from an out of town friend, two baseball games, a great date night, church, noting the yard, planting out seedlings into the garden from the greenhouse and a big dinner with our closest friends, it is time to get back to work right?
I'm writing this on my phone from the Jury Room at the Dallas County Courts building.
***Jury Duty is never convenient, but important not to dodge!  (You may need some quality jurors some day)
Since I'm just catching up from two great learning opportunities from my trip last week, bare with me as I spill out a few billeted take-always from my trip.
I'm optimistic you'll benefit from at least one:
- Keep it simple. Really.
- Value people and use things. NOT the other way around.
- A lesson can be learned from any situation or experience as long as you want to.
- Being vulnerable is not a weakness or vulnerability.  It is essential for trust. ***This one came from a very strange key note from Marcus Lemonis from the TV show The Profit.
- Whatever your gifts, instincts and style, you're best off being authentic.  It breeds trust.  Don't simply mimic others' success.  Learn and grow, but be genuine no matter what.
- When presented with the opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone, say yes! (Provided it is legal, ethical and relatively safe.)   
- Before taking on any significant challenge, expense, or responsibility, confidently answer the question, "why?" If you can not, say "no."
- Eat breakfast, have coffee or spend time with a seemingly over-ambitious person at least monthly and share your aspirations.  Let them push you to more!
When I have time to review my notes more, I may share a few more.
Hoping this is useful for you,
Todd Tramonte
P.S.  if I could show you where some great investment opportunities exist in this crazy real estate market, would you be interested right now?