I love Easter. I love Christmas in a huge way too, but as a follower of Jesus, Easter represents the greatest news I've ever heard. Easter, to me, means that I have nothing to fear, not even death. I believe that Jesus displayed His authority over death by laying dead for a few days and then getting up and spending time with His friends. My entire life is based on that moment in history.


Now, you may not hold that same belief, but I bet you have run up against the destructive force of fear in your life before. I'd bet a lot that you have settled at times for less than you are capable of due to the fear of what may happen if you failed, fell short or embarrassed yourself. I'd bet so much on that because I do the same thing when I forget about Easter. When I get wrapped up in what other people think, how much money I need to achieve all of the things that I want and what I'm "supposed to" be doing at this stage of life. I get fearful of failure. I get scared of falling short.


And then I remember Easter. I remember that those fears are silly, not only because all of the concern is over circumstance and very short term thinking, but because they distract me from using my gifts and my focus on doing important things like leading my family, serving my community and sharing with others.


How do you overcome your fears?


Todd Tramonte


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