Our 7 Day Sale Guarantee is simple: 
Your home SOLD 7 in days or less or we will pay you! 

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You may have also seen or heard our Over / Under Guarantee:        Your home SOLD Over average price & Under average time Guaranteed!

See how it works in this short 7 Day Sale - Over / Under Guarantee video:

Note that our team creates a completely customized marketing plan for each and every client and home.  This is an overview of some of the core strategies we use, but is by no means a comprehensive explanation of our plan.  We'd love to invite you to our office to discuss the exact strategy that would be best for you.


 You may have heard Todd being interviewed or one of our ads on KRLD or WBAP radio:

More from Todd on air can be found on YouTube or SoundCloud.

The 7 Day Sale program is an incredible marketing plan with fantastic results, but is not a perfect fit for everyone.  We offer several other programs that have exciting results as well and we look forward to putting a perfect game plan together with you to get your home sold at a price and time frame that is just right for you.  Call us today at 214.216.2161 to get started!


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